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2 weeks ago

Amigos De Ositeti

Notícias de PETER! Como aquí las escuelas en Kenya están cerradas

First, I would like to take this opportunity to offer my gratitude as the coordinator for your tireless efforts in bringing change to the society through your various projects. Education is the only tool to bring change in the society and your involvement in this, has proved beyond measure that there has been a significant improvement in the community.
I can proudly report that the Embiti school and the community are forever grateful for your help. The school is good and all has been well since the beginning of the year. This year, the school has recorded the highest enrolment ever since its establishment. More than 50 new pupils joined school and this is an indication that the community has realized the importance of Education. It has taken numerous efforts from well wishers lead by Friends of Ositeti to have the school operational. Being in the most remote area of the Country, it would have been a challenge to have it operating. Our teachers are giving their best as well.
I can confirm that 2 of the pioneers of the Organization who have already graduated courtesy of the organization are doing well in giving back to the community. Mr David Musanka and Ms Nael Nakola are both teachers and this is a testimony of what the Organization has done.
Mr Somaai Narok is in his last semester in the university and Ms Daisy Sampuerrap is also doing well. One of our students who completed her secondary school last year, is looking forward to joining college in May this year. Our secondary school students are doing great and doing well in their schools.
However, due to the COVID-19 outbreak and following a directive from the President of the Republic of Kenya, I can confirm that all the schools in Kenya have been closed. Our students will be at home for some time as we wait for further communication from the government. We wish them journey mercies as they travel back home and nice stays. May I also take this chance to wish all our sponsors good health.
In conclusion, the community really appreciates for your efforts in bringing this much needed change in the society. The efforts you are putting as an Organization is a clear indication that humanity still exist no matter the distance and race. Cheers!
Ashe oleng!
Muchas gracias!

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