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Para poder llevar a cabo nuestro trabajo, necesitamos de ayuda económica. Poseemos el certificado de ENTIDADES SIN FINES LUCRATIVOS, LEY 49/2002, lo que te permite obtener desgravaciones en tu declaración de la renta por donativos o como socio/a.

Si tienes inquietudes similares a las nuestras y quieres participar activamente puedes hacerlo, desde aquí te ofrecemos varias opciones:

Si quieres hacer una aportación económica puntual puedes hacer un ingreso en el siguiente número de cuenta:

1. Bankia: ES77 2038 3418 0760 0022 1819
2. Con tú tarjeta de crédito (PAGO SEGURO A TRAVÉS DE PAYPAL)

Otra forma de colaborar es a través de una aportación económica periódica, cubre los datos que figuran en el formulario de SOCIOS y nos ayudarás en nuestro proyecto.

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    1 month ago

    Peter nos cuenta desde Masai Mara la horrible experiencia durante estos días de intensas lluvias y riadas. Asante sana, Peter. Estábamos muy preocupados por vosotros. Happy holidays and greetings from the Savanah!The heavy rains in the past weeks have proved that nature has its own ways to showcase its might. Floods have been experienced all over the country and lives/livelihoods have been affected. Luckily,our students and their families are safe. The opening of the schools had been postponed by the Kenyan government and yesterday,the president announced the official opening to be on Monday,the 13th.I'm glad to report that our student, Mr. Stephen Mononi has completed his classwork and has already started the final attachment/internship as a requirement for the final graduation which will be held in December. Mr. Chris Tobiko has completed his diploma course and as he has already communicated,he will be enrolling for the degree course when he gets the acceptance letter. Miss Saleita Kibelekenya has proceeded to her final diploma internship before December's graduation. Our other students will proceed when schools open next week. Mr. Dalmas Teketi will be on his long holiday until September.As per the president's directive, Embiti primary school will resume its operations next week. Due to the increasing number of students,I would like to remind you of the request I had for an extra teacher. Ms. Rose Kariankei, born and raised in Embiti, is a certified diploma holder teacher and she can be an important addition to our family.I would I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you and the whole team of the Amigos De Ositeti organization. Your resilience and the will to help and uplift the lives of others have brought a big change in this side of the world. Nothing beats the feeling of happiness and gratitude from a disadvantaged child who has been getting education which would have been an uphill to climb if it were not by your support.Thank you and greetings from our students,teachers and the entire Embiti community. Gracias/Ashe oleng/Asante sana! ... Ver másVer menos
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    6 months ago

    As 2023 comes to an end,I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely from the bottom of my heart,thank you for your tireless efforts in making a change in the Masai community. The year has been great as our students were able to attend all the semesters without any problem. The activities of the organization ran smoothly and all were successful due to your efforts.As we usher in a new year, we would like to ask for your continuous support in making this community a better place. Education is the only weapon that can change the world and as a result of your dedication in ensuring that the very needy students in the Masai community get education,I’m pretty sure that this community will remember you for ages due to the positive change you have brought.From everyone associated with Amigos of Ositet(sponsored students,Embiti school,teachers and parents) we would like to wish you a new year. As this year draws to an end, I just hope you know how much you mean to us. Have a wonderful celebration. Here’s to the conclusion of a wonderful year filled with love and happiness. So excited to see what 2024 has in store for our Amigos De Ositeti family. Happy new year❤️ ... Ver másVer menos
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    6 months ago

    Asante sana por acompañarnos y participar en nuestros proyectos. Feliz Navidad a todos. ... Ver másVer menos
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